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He thought he was invincible

here’s the link to the article

at first i was like “dude he’s 15 that kinda sucks” but if you read the bottom paragraph there it says the livestreamer’s father was critically injured by the swat team responding to a murder/hostage situation so yeah the dude deserves to be in prison till he’s 40

I dont care how this guy is, what he did was stupid and even if nobody got hurt, I saw the livestream and Kootra had a shotgun pointed to his head. One slip up and we could have seen his death and brain everywhere.

Internet dickbags act like they’re invincible, it’s great that for once they suffer some consequences for the very real pain and suffering they’ve caused.

This guy deserves to rot. I am absolutely for that.

But can we also talk about the current police system in which there are apparently no checks and balances in place to prevent a 15 year old idiot from using the police as his own personal army?

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